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Youth Walk-Trot: Now with Two Age Divisions

Let's talk about the new changes to the Youth Walk-Trot Division. ABRA now has two age divisions in youth for walk-trot.

10 years & under 11-18 years

Walk-trot classes is an excellent avenue for new riders to gain confidence at the horse show and in the show pen. It's also a great way to gain confidence when changing or adding disciplines, such as western to English.

The ABRA wants members from all ages and divisions to be able to enjoy the thrill of competition and camaraderie of the horse show atmosphere wherever they may be in their journey as a rider.

Here is the list of Youth Walk-Trot Class:

  • Youth W/T Showmanship at Halter. To be judged in the same manner as Youth Showmanship at Halter. Pattern is a walk / trot pattern.

  • Youth W/T Western Pleasure. To be judged the same as Youth Western Pleasure, omitting the lope and extended gaits.

  • Youth W/T Western Horsemanship. To be judged the same as Youth Western Horsemanship, omitting the lope and extended gaits.

  • Youth W/T Hunter Under Saddle. To be judged the same as Youth Hunter Under Saddle, omitting the canter, hand gallop and extended gaits. It is required that the exhibitor wears appropriate protective headgear with chin strap under the chin.

  • Youth W/T Trail. To be judged the same as Youth Trail omitting the lope, gate, and any other obstacle which the execution of may compromise safety.

The ABRA Rule book has full details on this division and you can also Click Here to read more.

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