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Colors Eligible for Regular Registration

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Body coat some shade of tan, from very light (creme) to very dark (bronze). Points (mane, tail, legs and ear frames) are black or dark brown. Dorsal not required.

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Body coat some shade of tan, from very light (creme) to a dull or smutty brown (earth tone). Points, dorsal stripe, and other dun factor markings are dirty black or smutty brown. There are many shades and variations in the dun color. The dorsal stripe is required.

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Effective January 2020

DUNALINO: Body coat shades of tan from very light to very dark gold color with white or frosted mane and tail. Points, dorsal stripe, zebra stripes, and other dun factor markings may be black or brown. The dorsal stripe must run the entire length of the topline.

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A Grulla's body coat is slate colored (bluish gray as the blue heron) from light blue-gray to a brownish shade. Points and dun factor markings are black. A dorsal stripe is required. The Grulla color is the rarest of all horse body coat colors. The word Grulla is Spanish and translates into English as “crane”.

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Red Dun

Body coat a reddish tan without the range of shades as seen in the other dun colors. Mane and tail are red or reddish brown, creme or mixed. The dun factor markings are red or reddish brown. A full, definite dorsal stripe must run the length of the tail.

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