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JR/SR Youth Ambassador Program

JR/SR Youth Ambassador Program

The ABRA Youth Ambassador program is for a youth 18 years and under that is active in promoting and supporting ABRA and its activities. The Youth Ambassador Contest has been designed to recognize and reward these individuals by dividing it into Jr and Sr and crowning one from each category during the World Show. 

The Youth Ambassador program has two age groups: 

  • Senior Ambassador (14-18 years) 

  • Junior Ambassador (13 & under) 

During the Annual ABRA World Championships youth will be given age-appropriate patterns to perform as part of the competition to win the chance to represent ABRA as an Ambassador. The Ambassador's positions last one year in which the following year where they will pass down their title to the next year's winners. 

Each year the Youth Ambassador and Junior Ambassador will receive a crown. The crown only stays with Ambassador during their reign, which is passed down the following year to the new Ambassadors. Both recipients will also be presented with an embroidered sash and personalized silver buckle which shall remain theirs to keep. 

Deadline to apply is JUNE 1

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