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Buckskin horse looking away

ABRA Registration 

Registration for horses, draft horses, ponies, miniature horses, and mules of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, Dunalino, and Grulla colors.

The Buckskin color is found in all types of equines, and for this reason, all types are eligible for registration.  There are no citizenship requirements for membership, and horses from all over the world can be registered with ABRA, Inc.


ABRA registers ponies, miniature horses, draft horses, and mules in a separate registry section.


Ponies, miniature horses, and mules may not compete in horse classes, but they will follow the rules and regulations outlined in the horse section for their respective classes unless otherwise stated in the official ABRA Handbook.

Horses must be at least 56 inches (14 hands) at four (4) years of age.  


Horses under 56 inches (14 hands) will be a part of the pony section.  Unless stated otherwise, they will follow rules and regulations in the horse section of the ABRA Rule Book.

Horses measuring 38" or less, at the last mane hair, will be put in the Miniature Horse section. Unless otherwise stated, they will follow rules and regulations in the Miniature / Pony section of the ABRA rule book.



You may register horses, draft horses, minis, ponies, and mules with the ABRA by filling out the ABRA Registration Application and providing proper photos.

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