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The Buckskin color is found in all types of equines, and for this reason, all types are eligible for registration.  There are no citizenship requirements for membership and horses from all over the world can be registered with the ABRA, Inc.


ABRA registers ponies, miniature horses, and mules in a separate section of the registry.


Ponies, miniature horses, and mules may not compete in horse classes, but they will follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the horse section for their respective classes unless otherwise stated in the official ABRA Handbook.

Horses must be at least 56 inches (14 hands) at four (4) years of age.  


Horses under 56 inches (14 hands) will be a part of the pony section.  They will follow rules and regulations in the horse section of the ABRA Rule Book unless stated otherwise.

Horses measuring 38" or less, at the last mane hair, will be put in the Miniature Horse section. They will follow rules and regulations in the Miniature / Pony section of the ABRA rule book unless otherwise stated.


ABRA registers light horses, not draft horses.  For this provision, a draft horse shall be any horse which because of its weight, conformation or bone structure, is fitted for heavy work.  


You may register horses, minis, ponies, and mules with the ABRA by filling out the ABRA Registration Application and providing proper photos.


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2019 Registration Changes


Prior to Jan 1, 2019, all stallions and mares were registered in the Tentative Registry.  Stallions had to sire twelve (12) foals and Mares had to produce three (3) foals registered in the Tentative or Permanent Registry before they were advanced to the Permanent Registry. 

As of January 1, 2019, all horses will be registered in the Regular Registry if they meet the ABRA color requirements.  All horses will also become eligible to be awarded a High Producing Certificate.  

Any horse with Tentative or Permanent Registry on their Registration Certificate can show in any ABRA approved class. 


You can upgrade your Tentative or Permanent Registration Certificate to Regular Registry for a fee of $25.00 and completing a Certificate Request paperwork. You must include your original Registration Certificate with this paperwork.


Colors Eligible for Regular Registration


Any horse of any age with at least a Sire, Dam, Grand Sire, or Grand Dam being Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, or Grulla and registerable in ABRA Regular Registry by meeting all Regular Registry criteria.  All body colors and coat patterns are accepted. 


Any horse found ineligible for ABRA's Regular Registry may qualify for the Buckskin Bred Program provided parentage can be verified and qualifications can be met as follows:

  • The horse meets the conformation requirements for the registry as outlined in the official ABRA Handbook.

  • The horse is registered with any other breed registry recognized by ABRA.


The horse must have at least a Sire, Dam, Grand Sire or Grand Dam that meets ABRA Regular Registry guidelines.  If the horse’s Sire, Grand Sire, Dam, or Grand Dam that meets the ABRA Regular Registry guidelines is not registered with ABRA, a Complimentary Sire or Dam fee can be paid. 


  • Sire, Dam, Grand Sire, or Grand Dam must be registerable in ABRA's Regular Registry and the other parent must be registered in any one of the breed associations recognized by ABRA.​

  • The owner must supply four (4) color photographs (front, back, and each side of the horse) along with the BBP Application for Registration.


  • All documents, photographs, etc, become the property of ABRA.

  • Horses registered in the Buckskin Bred Program will be eligible to exhibit in any BBP classes offered at an ABRA-Approved event provided that the owner and exhibitor have met the membership requirements for exhibition.

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Effective January 2020

DUNALINO: Body coat shades of tan from very light to very dark gold color with white or frosted mane and tail. Points, dorsal stripe, zebra stripes, and other dun factor markings may be black or brown. The dorsal stripe must run the entire length of the topline.

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Body coat some shade of tan, from very light (creme) to very dark (bronze).  Points (mane, tail, legs and ear frames) are black or dark brown.  Dorsal not required. ​


Body coat some shade of tan, from very light (creme) to a dull or smutty brown (earth tone).  Points, dorsal stripe, and other dun factor markings are dirty black or smutty brown.  There are many shades and variations in the dun color.  The dorsal stripe is required.

Red Dun

Body coat a reddish tan without the range of shades as seen in the other dun colors.  Mane and tail are red or reddish brown, creme or mixed.  The dun factor markings are red or reddish brown.  A full, definite dorsal stripe must run the length of the tail.


A Grulla's body coat is slate colored (bluish gray as the blue heron) from light blue-gray to a brownish shade.  Points and dun factor markings are black.  A dorsal stripe is required.  The Grulla color is the rarest of all horse body coat colors.  The word Grulla is Spanish and translates into English as “crane”.

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