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Horses of all colors galloping in pasture

ABRA Buckskin Bred Program

All body colors and coat patterns are accepted in the ABRA Buckskin Bred Program

Any equine found ineligible for regular registration within ABRA may qualify for the Buckskin Bred Program provided parentage can be verified and qualifications can be met as follows:

A non-buckskin stallion, mare or gelding, may be considered for registration in ABRA Buckskin Bred Program if:

  • The equine meets the conformation requirements for the registry as outlined in the ABRA, Inc. Official Handbook of Rules & Regulations. 

  • The equine is registered with any other breed registry recognized by ABRA.


  • The equine must have at least one of the following that meets ABRA's Regular Registry guidelines; Sire, Grand Sire, Dam, or Grand Dam.


  • A Complimentary Sire, Grand Sire, Dam or Grand Dam fee can be paid if the equine's Sire, Grand Sire, Dam, or Grand Dam that meets the ABRA Regular Registry guidelines is not registered with ABRA.

  • At least one of the following must be registrable in ABRA; Sire, Grand Sire, Dam or Grand Dam and the other parent or grandparent must be registered in one of the breed associations recognized by ABRA that provides parentage verification.

  • The owner must supply four (4) color photographs (front, back, and each side of the equine) along with the Registration Application for Registration.

  • All documents, photographs, etc become the property of ABRA.

Equine registered in the Buckskin Bred Program will be eligible to exhibit in any BBP classes offered at an ABRA-Approved event provided that the owner and exhibitor have met the membership requirements for exhibition.



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