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Youth World Show Judging Contest

Youth World Show Judging Contest

ABRA World Show Youth Judging Contest

Saturday July 13, 2024 

11:00 am Check in time with COACHES’ MEETING AND ROSTER CHANGES

  • All changes to the team rosters must be made by 11:30 am for the noon start date.

  • Coaches should plan to pick up their team packet and make any necessary contestant substitutions/team changes at this time. 

Contest starts at at 12:00 pm


Entry Fee: $100 Per Team OR  $25 Individual

DIVISIONS - Team or Individual: Youth 18 & Under

TEAM ELIGIBILITY - Teams will consist of three or four members. Each contestant will compete for individual awards, and low scores will discard the low score in each category (Halter, Performance, Reasons, Overall). All contestants are required to wear Western attire (long sleeve shirt and jeans or slacks, Blazer or tie is optional) during the contest. No hats, caps, or identifying clothing are allowed. Contestants who have competed on or are members of an intercollegiate horse judging team are ineligible to compete.

CONTEST PROCEDURES - Timing and conduct of classes will be conducted under the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association guidelines. All horses will be considered sound of mouth, wind, and limb in halter and judged as they go in performance. All tack and attire will be considered legal.

  • Each class will consist of four horses.

  • Numbered vest will identify handlers and riders.

  • Placing cards will be provided.

  • Contestants must provide their own writing materials (pen or pencil).

  • Contestants may use clipboards, notebooks, plain paper, official ABRA/NRHA score sheets, and the current ABRA Rulebook so long as these items are clean and free of marks.

  • Contestants may not have in their possession horses judging manuals, texts, or lists of terms. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification.

  • A group leader will be placed in charge of each group of contestants.

  • Contestants are responsible for turning in their cards to the group leader when the time is called. Late cards will not be accepted.

  • While the contest is in progress, there will be no talking between contestants or anyone else except as directed by contest officials.

  • No Pagers, cell phones, or other forms of communication will be allowed on any contestant. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

  • Coaches will not have contact with their contestants at any time during the Judging and Question sessions. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

CLASSES -There will be 4-8 Performance classes and 2-3 Halter classes. Performance classes can be chosen from Ranch Riding, Western Riding, Western Pleasure, Reining, Hunter U Saddle/English Pleasure, Hunter Hack, Trail, Western Riding, and Western Horsemanship and/or Hunt Seat Equitation. Halter classes will not include Stallions. There will be no ponies, miniature horses, or utility horses in the Halter or Performance classes. Classes will be judged in accordance with the current ABRA Rule Book.

REASONS - Contestants will be given 2-4 sets of oral reasons. Contestants will have two minutes to give their reasons to the official. Performance reasons may be chosen from any of the classes listed above. Oral reasons are expected to indicate the contestant’s justification for their placement in the class. Contestants will not be permitted to use notes while giving oral reasons.

SCORING - Fifty points will constitute a perfect score in placing the animals, and fifty points will constitute a perfect score for Reasons. The low score will be discarded in each category (Placings, Reasons, Overall). Placings cards must be completed in full to be tabulated. Cards that are blank, illegible, or marked with more than one placing will receive a zero score. All tabulated results of the contest will be considered official, and no change will be made unless an error is made in entering a score or placing by a contest official. Errors made by contestants will not be corrected once the placing card has been delivered to a contest official, including a group leader.


Scoring and tie-breakers for overall placings (nonreasons scores):

  • The highest total score overall wins; if there is a tie then,

  • The highest total reasons score breaks the tie; if there is still a tie then,

  • Lower placings in reasons class(es) wins (the rationale is that the contestant with the lower placings in the reasons class(es) had to “talk” harder to get the same reasons scores and tie above, so they likely did a better job of reasons justification.

Scoring and tie-breakers for Reasons section score:

  • The highest total score in the Reasons class(es) wins; if there is a tie then,

  • Lower Placings in reasons class(es) wins if there is still a tie then,

  • The highest total overall score wins.

Scoring and tie-breakers within a species/category:

  • The highest total score within the species/category wins; if there is a tie then,

  • The highest total reasons score within the species/ category wins; if there is still a tie then,

  • Highest total reasons score overall wins if there is a still a tie then,

  • Highest total score overall wins.

Questions?  Contact Name: Amy Cain - ABRA  | Email:

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