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Youth World Show Judging Contest Complete Information

Complete details for the Youth World Show Judging Contest can be found on the website.

There is also a printable information sheet that is available to download and print.

Thank you to the people who donated horses to this great cause!

Click Here to Enter!

Contest Prep Information:

  • Riders warm-up time will be from 8:00 am - 9:00 am

  • Casual dress-no hats required or formal wear; jeans/t-shirt/boots/English pants

  • Numbered orange vest will be provided to go over your clothes

  • Patterns will be provided the day of the contest

  • Contest begins promptly at 9:00 am and typically runs 3-4 hours

Halter Mares

1. Gena loper

2. Alicia Andrews

3. Kat Dyer

4. Kat Dyer


Halter Geldings

1. Katie Rickert

2. Sharon Wellman

3. Alicia Andrews

4. Russell Training Center

Ranch Horse

1. Gena Loper

2. Olivia Mollenhauer

3. Lee Redding

4. Alecia Andrews

Alt Sharon Wellman


1. Alecia Andrews

2. Katie Rickert

3. Russell training center

4. Russell training center

Alt Alicia Andrews


1. Alecia Andrews

2. Alecia Andrews

3. Katie Rickert

4. Sharon Wellman

Western Pleasure

1. Alicia Andrews

2. Alicia Andrews

3. Russell training center

4. Russell training center


1. kat Dyer

2. Kat Dyer

3. Katie rinkert

4. Alicia Andrews


1. Alicia Andrews

2. Kat Dyer

3. Kat Dyer

4. Katie Rinkert

Click here for the Youth World Show Judging Contest Page

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