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Did You Know? The ABRA registers Mules, Ponies and Minis!

Did you know the ABRA has registered Mules and Ponies for several years?

The ABRA Board of Directors has started a nationwide campaign to invite these animals to register with ABRA and add ABRA approved classes to their shows and start earning National points.

We are offering the first lineup of Mule and Pony/Mini classes.

Pony/Mini Classes include:

  • Pony/Mini 56” U - Dun Factor

  • Pony/Mini Mares 56” U - All Ages

  • Pony/Mini Geldings 56” U - All Ages

  • Pony/Mini Stallions 56” U - All Ages

  • Pony/Mini Hunter In Hand 56” U

  • Pony/Mini Showmanship 56” U

  • Pony/Mini Pleasure Driving 56” U

  • Pony/Mini Country Pleasure Driving 56” U

  • Pony/Mini Liberty 56” U

Mule Classes Include:

  • Mule English Pleasure

  • Mule Trail

  • Mule Western Pleasure

  • Mule Walk/Trot Pleasure

  • Halter Mule/All Sexes/All Ages

  • Mule Dun Factor

No qualification requirements to show.

Help us spread the word and GROW this amazing association together !

Click here to Registry

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