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April Quarterly Newsletter, a message from the President, Genal Loper

Greetings to everyone out there in Buckskin Country and it's a good time to own one!

More breed shows than every before are adding ABRA approved classes and judges to their weekend competitions. With the advantage of combining resources as well as giving exhibitors more than one reason to show I can see this trend becoming more common in the years ahead.

With the increase in online traffic and interest in the American Buckskin Registry we felt it was time to remodel our online presence to make it more attractive and user friendly. If you haven't yet visited the new ABRA website, you are missing out on news, information and also the chance to advertise! Our classifieds section gives members a discounted rate to advertise their stallions or horses for sale. The forms pages are all online compatible making them easy to use and payment is a breeze as well. Resources are available for everyone from judges to show management and the new 2018 ABRA Rulebook is available with the touch of a finger.

This year's rulebook has a new look also and is a convenient size for everyone to carry. It's all part of our goal to bring the American Buckskin Registry into the forefront of the horse industry by striving to improve our appearance as well as our online presence to members, visitors, and everyone in general.

Our ABRA Youth have their own page on the site where they can access the applications and apply for the new Youth Education Support scholarship, deadline May 1st, for anyone under grade 12. There is also everything they need to sign up for our expanded Youth Ambassador program held at the world show, deadline June 1st, so point that page out to your students, sons and daughters!

Thanks to Patty Maxwell and Ken Pickering ABRA will have a booth at the Midwest Horse Fair in April, it is the largest 3-day horse fair in America. 300 clinics, seminars, and educational events are presented by some of the top horse professionals from around the country.

Check it out at It's still too cold for a bathing suit but that won't stop you from "surfing" the web so start with and enjoy the scenery!

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