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Welcome the 2018 ABRA Officers

Gena Loper - President

Post Falls, ID

(208) 660-0955

Term expires 2018


Darrin Fultz – Vice President

Prescott, KS

(913) 378-3051

Term expires 2018


Dinah Coop -Treasurer

(918) 232-0433


Jo Long – Executive Secretary

Bixby, OK

(918) 936-4707

Fax: 918-364-9960


The ABRA is governed by a Board of Directors, nominated and elected by the membership. Although the registry is called American Buckskin, it is a world-wide registry with horses registered in many foreign countries.

There are eleven positions on the ABRA Board of Directors. These are alternating terms of three years each. To qualify as a board member, one must be an ABRA member in good standing, be available for a minimum of three conference calls annually, and must attend the annual meeting.

If you wish to apply for a position on the ABRA Board, submit a printed or typewritten resume' to the ABRA office by July 1st in order to be placed on the ballot which is mailed to all ABRA members in August of each year.

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