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ABRA 2018 Rule Change Proposal Summary

ABRA 2018 Rule Change Proposal Summary

Rule Change Proposal #1-passed

Addition of a Stake Race Pattern to accommodate clubs needing timers to not to be moved during speed events.

Rule Change Proposal #2 -passed

Addition of specific verbiage for GREEN qualifications as is present for all classes to include Western Riding and Ranch Riding.

Rule Change Proposal #3a, #3b, #3c, #3d -passed

Addition of an Amateur Walk Trot Division with eligibility to the rule book, including point earning classes and the addition of classes at the 2018 World Show.

Rule Change Proposal #4-declined

Allow Mules and Donkeys to show at the same time within the same arena as the other horses at an ABRA Approved event.

Rule Change Proposal #5 -passed with changes

Restriction of number of ABRA judges officiating at the same time over a period of days.

Rule Change Proposal #6 -passed

Increase in registration fees for horses with 'unknown' pedigrees to cover the addition of a photo of horse being registered on the permanent Registration Certificate for identification purposes.

Rule Change Proposal #7 -sent to committee

Add Halter or Performance Halter to replace the Dun Factor requirement for a Buckskin to obtain a Supreme Champion Award. This was sent to the Color Committee for a class to be created for inclusion into the 2019 Rulebook providing it meets board approval at the 2018 National Convention.

Rule Change Proposal #8-sent to committee

Allow Dunalino to the acceptable colors for ABRA registration and change the word 'creme' to cream in acceptable color description. The spelling will be corrected, however research into the proposal is required before the Color Committee brings it before the board again at the 2018 ABRA Convention.

Rule Change Proposal #9 -declined

Allow an exhibitor to continue to be scored after a DQ and placed on the Judges Cards.

Rule Change Proposal #10 -taken under advisement and sent to committee

In order to add more classes at the ABRA World Shows, only order Champion and Reserve Champion buckles if there are 3 or more entries that meet the Pre-entry deadline. Once a class fills, the buckles will be ordered. Show and Contest Committee along with the Awards Committee will consider this option further.

Rule Change Proposal #11-taken under advisement and sent to committee

Request to add Amateur Select classes to Ranch Riding and Reining and recommendations to realign World Show class schedule. Show and Contest Committee will consider this request.

Rule Change Proposal #12 - passed

Add a Ranch Horse Division to the ABRA Rule Book offering Open, Cowboy, Amateur and Youth classes, requesting the division can be held as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with other like events. The Ranch Horse Division to include Ranch Horse Rail Pleasure, Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Ranch Horse, Reining, Ranch Horse Cow Work, Limited Ranch Horse Cow Work Amateur/Youth, Ranch Horse Cutting, Ranch Horse Conformation.

Rule Change Proposal #13 -editing verbiage of current rules to align with other organizations

Edit verbiage for Ranch Riding Requirements, Reining and Western Riding Open/ Amateur/Youth patterns.

Rule Change Proposal #14 -passed with expansion of ALL color descriptions in ABRA Rule Book

Clarify in the ABRA Rule Book colors that are acceptable within tails and elsewhere on the body, making verbiage more clear and concise.

Rule Change Proposal #15 -passed

Remove the words 'Stud Book' from the ABRA Rule Book since one has not been kept since 1967

Rule Change Proposal #16 -Tabled to obtain AQHA and APHA verbiage and rules

Allowance of a variance handler in Halter classes to walk and trot past judges for exhibitors with a disability. Final board approval will be determined after further details have been presented in 2017.

Rule Change Proposal #17 - passed

Create and enforce guidelines for ABRA Charter clubs to follow when cancelling a show.

Rule Change Proposal #18-passed

Edit verbiage in Youth Walk Trot and Amateur Walk Trot division, change Longe Line scoring to align within industry standards. Edit verbiage in Hunter In Hand Equipment section and Jumping Scoring.

Rule Change Proposal #19 -passed

Copyright the ABRA name and logo.

Rule Change Proposal #20- passed

Any membership application or renewal received after Nov 1 of current year will extend to Dec 31 of following year.

UC Davis Color Marker Acceptance

Although the UC Davis presentation was very educational and influential, ABRA Board of Directors does not feel strongly that deviation from our current practice of visual inspection for the purpose of registering horses would in the best interest of the organization as a whole at this time. The ABRA BOD will continue to monitor the progress of the genetic testing module for possible future uses in the registration process.

Other Committee News:

Motion was passed to award a saddle to the Youth Walk Trot All Around Champion beginning with the 2018 ABRA World Show, and a show headstall or halter for the Reserve Champion.

Motion was passed to award a saddle to the Amateur Walk Trot Champion beginning with the 2018 ABRA World Show and a show headstall or halter for the Reserve Champion

Motion was passed to add $500 to the following five classes at the 2018 ABRA World Show: Amateur Showmanship, Amateur Hunter Under Saddle, Jr Western Pleasure, Buckskin Bred Yearling Longe Line, and Open Ranch Riding.

Motion was passed to add a select number of Donkey/Mule and Pony/Miniature classes to the 2018 ABRA World Championship schedule of classes.

Motion was passed that ABRA Judges will be required to use ABRA score sheets which shall be turned in to the ABRA show office along with show results. AQHA and NSBA score sheets are acceptable at a show that has those breeds approved at their event, but Open shows are required to use the ABRA scoresheet.

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