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2022 ABRA Show Schedule

The 2021 ABRA Horse Show Season is complete, and we hope all our members have a wonderful and memorable show season.

The 2022 Show Schedule is up with the first approved shows listed. The ABRA has over 40 approved shows throughout the U.S. As shows are approved, they will be added to the list, announced on the website news and social media networks.

Most Regional shows are hosted by ABRA Charter Clubs. Charter Clubs assist in supporting various activities for ABRA registered horses, including amateur and youth programs. From March through December each year, ABRA Charter Clubs host shows across the country. Be sure to join a local Charter Club in your area and be a part of a larger buckskin horse community.

As a reminder, all ABRA memberships expire on December 31. So be sure to renew your memberships for the 2022 show season.

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