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2022 World Championship Show Recap

Horses and mules of nearly every color turned out for the 2022 ABRA World Championships in Tulsa this year. With the Buckskin Bred Program's growth came a substantial increase in the number of BBP registered horses at this year's event. A relatively new program for ABRA, the launch of this new registry for non-colored offspring of a color registered parent or grandparent gave these equines an A system level they could compete at, and compete they did! 

Our NSBA Futurities are open to BOTH the ABRA and BBP horses. Having the futurities available to both ABRA and BBP horses increased the competition, which increased the purse payout, and some handsome checks walked out of that arena throughout the week! NSBA Bronzes lined the tables and were proudly displayed throughout the week as nearly every class is dual-approved ABRA/NSBA. 

Our welcome party, silent auction, and other fundraisers brought over $2,000.00 to the youth funds, and three $500 scholarships were awarded to youth recipients during our Opening Ceremonies. With a stall count of over 400, the success continues to surprise us every year. Even with the gnarly fuel prices, people still rolled out from opposite ends of the country to attend the annual celebration of Duns, Buckskins, Red Duns, Grullas, Dunalinos, and their non-colored cousins for a genuine ABRA family reunion of equines! 

ABRA's family-friendly atmosphere keeps a lot of folks coming back year after year, and that family keeps growing. This year was the 20th year for Ken Pickering as world show manager, and he was joined by many friends and colleagues in this group photo to mark the milestone in celebration of a job well done for two decades. When I asked, he said it was the smoothest show in all those 20 years, thanks to his ambitious assistant, Ariana Horton, who kept things running nicely throughout the week. 

It was my 17th world show in a row. I showed the buckskin-bred classes this time, and I believe that in every possible way, the 2022 ABRA World Championships was the best show of the year. I would also like to thank our partners at NSBA for providing those coveted bronze statues we work so hard for. It feels great to carry one out.

Gena Loper,

2022 ABRA President


Thank You World Show Sponsors

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