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World Show Photos on the ABRA Website

As the ABRA Digital Marketing Specialist, I am always striving to add additional benefits and interaction within the membership through the ABRA website and social media networks.

This year members can enjoy the 2019 ABRA World Show even after it’s over. A new World Show Candid Photo page and Larry Williams Photography page have been added to the website. You can find links to pages in the main menu under "showing" tab.

You can share these photos via many social media networks or email.The below graphic has directions on to do a social share with the photos in these galleries.

When you find a picture you want to share, hover and click the ARROW icon. Then click on the social media icon you wish to share on, email included. A menu to the social media network pops up where you may add a message to your post.

Easy, Peezy!

Graphic on how to share a picture

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