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Letter from 2021 ABRA President Gena Loper

New BOD Officers for 2021:

Gena Loper-President

Amy Cain - Vice President

Rebecca Roberts - Executive Secretary

Lisa Castle - Treasurer

Cheers to you all with a toast to a new year in 2021 full of hope and opportunities. I don't think anyone will miss 2020 and the lack of freedom to do what we love, travel, and show our ABRA horses. It's with great anticipation that we push forward into the new year with aspirations of getting to an ABRA event soon. The show approvals are flowing in, so stay tuned for further communication from our office and the website as more events become possible. The ABRA World Championship Show has been scheduled for July 19-25, 2021, at the Tulsa Expo Center, so put that on your calendar, and I'll see you there in person.

It's with gratitude and appreciation that I accept the role of your president for the upcoming year. ABRA is close to my heart, and I am always happy to serve our members in every capacity possible. The past few years have seen extraordinary improvements and growth within ABRA itself. From our office manager, Rebecca Roberts, and her efforts to serve each and every member's need, to our Marketing Director, Karri Owens, and her innovations with the website and social media presence. Being able to register horses and renew memberships online was one of our greatest accomplishments in recent history.

My goal is to be transparent to our members and keep everyone in the loop through Blogs, Emails, and Facebook to enhance our communication skills between the Board of Directors and our general membership. We sincerely aim to do our very best to serve you, the body of ABRA, in every way possible. I am honored to continue to work alongside some of the hardest working folks I have ever met on this Board of Directors to continue to bring improvements and growth to the American Buckskin Industry. Any active member is invited to join a committee and work for the common good of us all here at ABRA. We welcome your input, ideas, and comments as we strive to grow gracefully into the coming decade.

One of our primary goals this year is to develop the database online, which is a monumental task. With the new program currently in the final stages of development, we should see the day when members can research their points online through the website itself in the very near future. That was my goal years ago and continues to be my top priority as I return to the seat of President of ABRA this year. We appreciate your patience in this endeavor. It is an exhausting task for our office, our auditor, and the programmer, and I would like to thank those individuals personally for their time and dedication to you, our membership. Statistics have shown our growth rate exceeding our expectations, and I find that promising news given the past year's challenges.

I encourage you to renew your membership, get those registration applicationsin and mark your calendars with show dates as our charter clubs strive to provide events for us to attend in the coming year.

Join me in marching onward into 2021 with hope and a smile! Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

Respectfully submitted by your president,

Gena Loper

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