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Let's Talk NSBA!

Did you know that the ABRA is a recognized Alliance Breed Association with the NSBA - National Snaffle Bit Association?

Did you know that the ABRA is a recognized Alliance Breed Association with the NSBA - National Snaffle Bit Association?

This means you can register your ABRA horse with NSBA. The purpose of the National Snaffle Bit Association is to define, promote and improve the quality of the pleasure horse, to promote exhibits, events, and contests in expositions and shows; the promote the training of pleasure horses, to promote interest in pleasure horses among younger horsemen and to use and encourage the use of the standard rules for holding and judging contests of the pleasure horse.

Having your horse registered with both associations gives the horse more opportunities to show and earn points and awards; therefore, possible increasing the value of the horse.

Registering your horse with NSBA is easy. Send in a copy of your ABRA registration papers along with a registration form and the $35 registration fee.

New for 2019 in the NSBA, unregistered horses are eligible to register by submitting color photographs showing full left and right side and full front and back view, specifically showing all marks of identification. Photographs along with a veterinarian certificate showing proof of age must be submitted at the time of application. The Registration certificate must in the name of the current owner as listed on the breed registration papers. The fee for the registration certificate, transfer or duplicate is $35.

You may ask, where do I show in the NSBA classes?

Many regional shows across the U.S. host NSBA shows and/or have NSBA classes at there show. For instance, the ABRA World Show had a full plate of NSBA classes that ran concurrently with the ABRA class. Your local ABRA Charter Club may have NSBA classes, and if they don’t, I am sure they would love to hear your request for those additional classes! Other breed and color associations may have NSBA classes at their hosted show, so be sure to look at those options as well.

As with any horse association, you need to be a current member in good standing to be eligible to show.

The NSBA also offers horses to be registered through enrollment in the Breeders Championship Futurity, Color Breeders Championship Futurity, and Stallion Incentive Fund. The NSBA host it’s World Show & Breeders Championship Futurity in August every year in Tulsa, OK. NSBA will offer all-breed classes over seven days and payout in excess of $1,000,000 in cash prizes!

In addition to the World Show classes, the NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity and Stakes classes are also offered. A trade show comprised of commercial exhibitors and pleasure horse professionals will be available to assist spectators during this week.

Qualifying is done through participation in each class at Dual Approved or Special Events. Horses in Open classes and horses and riders in Youth and Amateur classes are required to participate in the corresponding dual approved class a minimum of five times within the qualifying period of May 1, 20xx through April 30, 20xx (the following year).

Those who do not qualify may enter with an additional $150 qualification fee per class. So no worries if you are unable to find a show with NSBA classes to qualify!

Sound exciting and want to learn more?

Click here to learn more about the NSBA and what it has to offer!

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