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The purpose of the ABRA Non-Pro division is to provide specific events for the youth and amateur exhibitors to show their equines under the guidelines of the ABRA rulebook. 

Owners and exhibitors in the Non-Pro ABRA classes must be ABRA members in good standing at the time points are earned and shall apply to ABRA for an official ABRA Non-Pro Card to be presented to Show Committees for verification of an exhibitor’s Non-Pro status with ABRA. 

Points earned in Non-Pro Classes will not count towards any other awards, categories or green eligibility. Exhibitor 


The exhibitor must be a Youth or Amateur holding a current ABRA Youth or Amateur card that has completed and submitted an ABRA Non-Pro Designation form that states he/she has NOT within the past three (3) years: 

  • Shown, trained or assisted in training for remuneration directly or indirectly. Instructed another person in riding, driving, training or showing for remuneration directly or indirectly. 

  • Judged a horse show for remuneration or been an approved horse show judge of any kind including but not limited to 4/H, breed associations, open shows, etc.(Remuneration is considered any form of compensation directly or indirectly for a service). 

Equine Eligibility 

  • The equines to be exhibited must be registered with ABRA. Ownership of the equine being shown by the youth/amateur, as evidenced by their ABRA registration papers, must be solely the contestant’s, the contestant’s immediate family including but not limited to, father, mother, step-parent, sister, brother, grandparent, half sibling, step sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, sibling’s spouse, half sibling’s spouse, step sibling’s spouse, or legal guardian or owned by the institution in which the contestant is enrolled as a ward. 

  • Separate legal entities, such as family corporations, trusts or partnerships, and farm or ranch, are also authorized owners of the Youth or Amateur exhibitor’s equine so long as all legal and equitable owners and beneficiaries of the legal entity are individuals specifically authorized by this rule. 

  • Leased Equine Eligibility Leased equines are eligible to show in non-pro events provided the appropriate lease paperwork has been filed in the ABRA office. Current ABRA membership is required for both the lessee and the owner. 

  • Only one lease per equine will be recognized at one time. During the term of the lease, only the lessee (and those related to the lessee) may show the equine in ABRA non-pro, amateur and/or youth events. 

Classes ABRA Approved classes for Non-Pro events are as listed: 

  • Non-Pro Yearling Longeline 

  • Non-Pro Two-Year-Old Longeline 

  • Non-Pro Yearling In Hand Trail 

  • Non-Pro Two Year Old In Hand Trail 

  • Non-Pro Western Pleasure, all ages 

  • Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle, all ages 

Points earned in Non-Pro Events will not count towards any other awards, categories, or green eligibility as listed in the ABRA Rulebook. 

All Non-Pro Events shall be conducted within the guidelines provided in the ABRA Rulebook for each class by it’s category. 

Only eligible exhibitors holding an official ABRA Non-Pro card will be allowed to compete.

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