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The American Buckskin Registry Association, Inc.

An equine color association registering horses, ponies, miniature horses, and mules of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, Dunalino and Grulla colors.

The purpose of the ABRA is to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of Buckskin, Dun, Red Dun, Grulla, and Dunalino horses, ponies/ miniature horses, and mules, as well as those eligible horses of unknown ancestry.


ABRA also serves as an information center for its members and the general public on matters pertaining to shows and projects designed to improve the association and aid the industry, for its breeders and all equine owners.


ABRA also works to promote equine ownership and to grow markets for ABRA. Shows and performance events give breeders and exhibitors opportunities to compete for awards and prize money, providing opportunities for breeders to continually strive to improve the breed.

Thank You ABRA Sponsors

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