YES Winners 

Cassie Weyers

Cassie is using her $500 awarded by the ABRA YES Fund to pay for AP exams and other expenses as she prepares for college.

My name is Cassie Weyers, and I come from a small town called Freedom, Wisconsin.  I attend Freedom High School and am part of the graduating class of 2019.  At my high school, I am an active member of the National Honor Society and do volunteer work on a regular basis.  


I have two buckskin horses, Shes Undun In Red (“Nutmeg”) and Sheza Irish Cream (“Ireland”).  My horses are my best friends, and I enjoy showing them on the local and buckskin show circuits.  Not only have I had great success as an equestrian, but I am also a well-accomplished student.


In the fall of 2019, I plan to attend Lawrence University, St. Norbert College, Marquette University, or the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  While at college, I will major in biology and minor in chemistry.  My goal is to become a surgeon, which means that I will also attend medical school after college.  My goal of becoming a surgeon is something that I have worked toward since my first day of freshman year. 

I want to become a surgeon because I want to be someone that a patient can trust during their weakest moment.  I aspire to experience the joy of saving a life.  My passion for helping others is my driving force through the many assignments, quizzes, and tests that I am faced with on a weekly basis.

Rachael Hoopman

Rachael is using her $500 awarded by the ABRA YES Fund to pay for school books and to put towards an immersion mission and language trip.


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” - Malcolm X.

Education supplies, life experiences and knowledge to those who accept it. That is how I’ve chosen to live my life. I believe that endeavoring through learning can provide chances that are not available for those who twiddle their thumbs. Setting goals and persevering through challenges is the true definition of learning.


Education is not about reading a textbook or
 memorizing formulas; it is about allowing education to be a passport, much like Malcolm X’s beliefs. Without experience, we have nothing to back our informational claims. To set goals for tomorrow, we must create a moral compass for today.

I recently committed to the Auburn University Equestrian Team. Unfortunately, being an NCAA emerging sport, it does not receive the glamorous amount of scholarship money that is enjoyed by more extensive programs, such as football. That being said, I will have a considerable sum of student debt, a result of being an out-of-state student. Receiving the Youth Educational Support Fund would be incredibly valuable to my educational experience.

Using education as my passport, I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country to not only learn about the culture and hone my language skills, but also help those in need. While I am there, I would like to help teach a dual immersion course to local students. I am proficient in Spanish and have a love for the English language that I believe will indeed help children who aspire to earn jobs in the international business field. By using my educational passport, I will be providing a future for students who desire it.


While I am an honors student, I do not strive for the stereotypical “All A’s.” Instead, I put my best foot forward by applying myself in school and being a positive role model for younger students. With education as my passport, I know that I can attain any goal that I prepare for, whether it be in the arena or the classroom.



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