Weanling Registration

Weanlings are eligible for ABRA registration.  To receive the reduced registration fee, the application for registration must be submitted to the ABRA office before December 1st of the foal's birth year.  The application must be accompanied by the required photos, proof of ownership, and proof of pedigree.

If the foal is eligible for registration in another breed registry, it is recommended he/she be registered with that registry first, as the name must remain the same.  The front AND back of the registration certificate from an ABRA recognized breed's registration certificate must accompany the ABRA registration application in order for pedigree to be listed as 'proven' and to verify ownership. 

Weanlings are not issued a registration certificate until their yearling year.  A Weanling Work Order (WWO) is issued instead of the registration certificate and is valid until July 31st of their yearling year. Before that date, but after the horse sheds as a yearling, six (6) additional photos are required.  At that time, if the horse is still found to be color eligible, the registration certificate is issued.

The reasoning behind this procedure is that some weanlings tend to change color (sometimes drastically) from the time they turn from a weanling to a yearling. 

The Weanling Work Order issued will indicate their lifetime registration number and is valid for exhibiting.  In the event the horse is sold, the Weanling Work Order is handled in the same manner as a registration certificate. 

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