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Katie Rinkert

2021 New BOD Member

My name is Katie Rinkert. I am very excited about the opportunity to represent the members of ABRA by running for a position on the board of directors. I have been showing with this exceptional organization for over 13 years. I started as a youth with my first buckskin horse, and fell in love with this color breed and this organization. I am now 25 years old, and still showing ABRA shows every chance I get! I was born and raised in Iowa. I received an associate’s degree from Ellsworth Community College where I was on the horse judging team and was a member of the student senate. 

I moved to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma State University where I was on the OSU Equestrian team and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture studies. After graduating from OSU, I lived and worked in Oklahoma City for a year before recently moving to northeast Ohio. I have had the opportunity to show with the Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma state charters and have shown at multiple World Shows. I had the honor of representing ABRA as the senior youth representative in 2014. 

I am very excited to see the strides we have made to increase youth participation and as a board member will to continue working to build on those efforts by increasing opportunities for youth mentorships, scholarships and social involvement within the organization. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and build what I expect to be life-long friendships within this organization and I strongly believe that begins as a youth. While I strongly believe involvement and support of our youth is key to this organization, I would also like to increase participation at the armature level. The armature division spans some of the largest ages yet the class numbers are often the smallest. Realizing this may be attributed to multiple things such as careers, and family, I think it is important to make sure, as an organization we are doing everything we can to support participation in this division. I will work to increase membership and registrations by inclusion while maintaining the integrity of the ABRA registration. Most importantly, as a member of the board of directors I understand I work for you and will work obsessively to be available to you, to listen to your voice, respect your opinions and support and grow this organization! 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Ellsworth Community College Iowa Falls, IA BS Degree, Agriculture Studies, December 2018 AS Degree, Agriculture Communications 2016 


CH Robinson – Oklahoma City, OK January 2019 – Current Logistics Consultant - Responsible for developing new prospects and completing initial sales calls. Schedule loads and held accountable for correct logistics including DOT and HAZMAT compliance for current contracts. 

  • Have brought in new prospects resulting in pending contracts including a specific, large oil and gas company that CH Robinson had not previously been successful in obtaining. 

  • Asked to represent company at the Oklahoma Farm Progress show due to my expertise in the agricultural industry. 

  • Successfully completed a two week, accelerated company training program. 


CH Robinson – Oklahoma City, OK Summer 2018 Completed a successful sales internship, resulting in an offer for full time employment after graduation. Learned prospecting techniques to develop new clients, attended sales calls, conducted quality reviews with customers, planned annual charity event, gained valuable networking experience while attending the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Convention. 

Char-Lin Ranch – Cushing, OK September 2016 – May 2017 Equine breeding program and ranch assistant Farmers Coop – Indianola, IA Summer 2014 and 2015 Created marketing materials, planned open house events, consulted with customers regarding animal products, sold and processed bulk feed orders, completed inventory, conducted site visits, retail sales and vendor meetings.


  • OSU Equine Facility - Barn Assistant – Care of 40 horses, pasture and barn facilities 

  • Student Athlete, Oklahoma State University - Division 1, Competitive Equestrian Team 

  • Student Senate, Ellsworth Community College - Elected to represent the student body on local, state and national matters Postsecondary Ag Student Organization (PAS),\

  • Ellsworth Community College - Placed first in state and second in national sales competition

  • Faces of Ellsworth, Ellsworth Community College - Model and Spokesperson for printed and televised advertising, recruiting and student propaganda Horse Judging Team, Cheer Team, 

  • Homecoming Representative - Ellsworth Community College National Youth Representative, American Buckskin Horse Association

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