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Gena Loper

As the current ABRA president, my goal is to serve the membership to the best of my ability. I hope to continue to serve on the ABRA Board Of Directors in 2022 and beyond. For over twenty years, the ABRA remains close to my heart. The ABRA has experienced extraordinary improvements and growth in the past few years.

My personal goal is to continue to develop our online services to include points research very soon. We are in the development and data entry process for that goal currently, and there is light at the end of that tunnel! I sincerely aim to do my very best to serve you, the body of ABRA, in every way possible. I am honored to work alongside the talented and devoted people that make up this Board of Directors for the American Buckskin Industry. Ranching is the substance of my daily life. I own and operate a 60 horse facility where we board, train, breed, foal, and develop quality buckskins and duns daily. I am immersed in the buckskin industry!

We all have our own lives, work, and relationships that we nurture daily. Still, I assure you that the needs of ABRA’s membership take precedence over my agenda, and I will always represent you with integrity and honesty, doing what is truly the best for our industry to help it grow and prosper. Thank you for the opportunity to be your voice on the board, and I hope that you will continue to support my efforts to remain in office in 2022.

Gena Loper
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