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Amy Cain

During my 20 years serving on the ABRA board, I have enjoyed being a part of some of ABRA’s most beneficial changes, the most significant being moving both the world show and the main office to Tulsa. Both of these moves were huge undertakings, but both moves continue to be extremely beneficial to the association. Currently, I am the chairperson of the finance committee, where my years of accounting expertise help guide the association to make good decisions and continue to help the board of directors be good stewards of the association’s time and money.

Living in the Tulsa area also allows me to volunteer my time in the ABRA office as needed as well as help supervise our employees. One of my volunteer projects has been downsizing, archiving, and preserving our past registered ABRA horses. The goal is to find a better solution for our new and future registrations while utilizing our new program and storage technology that will save ABRA time and money.

My main goal for ABRA continues to be to try to bring positive changes while being a good steward of ABRA funds and resources. In this day and time, keeping a pulse on the funds of ABRA is more important than ever. With the Pandemic behind us, the future of ABRA is bright, and I would love to continue to serve you all. Thank you for your consideration.

Amy Cain
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