Registration Process

There are many variations in the colors and for this reason, we insist on eight good colored pictures of each animal to determine eligibility.

  • Four Photos of the body (front, back, left & right side)

  • Four Photos of the face (front, under the jaw & lip, left & right side)

Many times these equines will be found to have a fringe of cream, dun or grulla color hairs along the edge of the mane and at the base of the tail.


No equine that exhibits Gray or Roan characteristics, even though they may possess dun factor markings, is eligible for registration.

To register your equine, see the rules on registration and white markings in the RULE BOOK to determine eligiblity. If your equine is eligible, refer to the guidelines and registration links below.

You may register online or fill out the PDF Registration Form.

Registration Guidelines:


  • Minimum of four (4) good quality color photos of your horse (no images of body clipped horses or saddled horses).  Photos must show left and right side & the front and the rear of your horse.


  • If your horse has white markings on the face, submit 4 additional photos of face; right side, left side, front and underneath (jaw to muzzle).


  • If sending in registration, all photos must be on photo paper or you may submit a flashdrive with digital photos. (Flashdrive will not be returned).


  • Photos MUST be submitted to ABRA even if your horse is registered with another association.


  • The horse should be standing on level ground so that all white markings are shown clearly.


  • The foretop should be pulled aside to reveal all face markings.


  • Send additional “Dun Factor” photos markings if any are present to determine color eligibility.


  • A copy of a breeder’s certificate or registration papers from some other recognized equine registry (if available).

Forms & Resources

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