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Happy New Year from the ABRA!

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2020 is here, and another show season will start soon! Please stay connected with ABRA via the website, our social media outlets - Facebook and Twitter. All current news will be posted in this section of the website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In 2019 the ABRA implemented a new marketing manager to bring out the best of the ABRA. Some of the duties are the following:

  • Maintain website and website forms

  • Promote ABRA World Show

  • Promote ABRA shows and programs

  • Manage social media outlets

  • Implement new resources to highlight and feature membership accomplishments


The ABRA continues to grow and bring new resources to the membership. In 2019 the ABRA World Show experienced a 26% increase in entries and featured a new professionally designed program as well a digital version to be view online. The World Show featured online stall reservations, entries and a completely responsive class list so exhibitors could view the class list online with a simple scroll.


The ABRA has also implemented online forms and all forms, such as memberships, registrations, etc. and be performed online. PDF forms are still available for those who prefer to download and fill out by hand. World Show stall reservations and entries have both online and PDF forms. Website classified advertising is also available to the membership.

ABRA marketing will embrace and leverage technologies to bring the best experience to the membership.

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