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New In 2019

ABRA is dedicated to preserving the pedigrees of the horses within our registry. To better serve our membership, as they endeavor to produce and promote the best of the American Breeds, we are removing the "Tentative Registry" designation as of January 1, 2019. All horses, that meet the color requirements, will now be registered into the "Regular Registry". The owner, of any horse currently designated as "Tentative", will be able to change their registration certificate to "Regular Registry" for a $25.00 fee. (Changing the certificate is not a requirement but is being offered as an option for those that prefer to have this indicated on the certificate.)

Previous requirements to advance to the "Permanent" designation will be replaced with a new program designed to reward stallions and mares who are High Color Producers without labeling the non-producing horse as "Tentative". ABRA will provide details for this new program on the website January 1, 2019. Earning the prestigious title of High Color Producer is our way of celebrating those horses that continue to make our registry great and, at the same time, will provide breeders an even more prestigious way to promote their great American Buckskin horses.

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