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Featured Youth, Emma Schaefer, 2018 ABRA Youth Representative

Emma Schaefer has been representing ABRA at many varying horse shows around the country, representing the American Buckskin Registry Association in Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, and several others. “I have enjoyed helping to grow ABRA this past year, with the help of the Iowa Quarter Horse Association board, the Iowa Quarter Horse Association will be putting on at least one dual approved show in 2018 and did put one on in 2017 that was a major success,” says Emma. This year has also been a great year for socialization, Emma has made many new friends in several different associations, including ABRA, AQHA, and NASMA.

Emma continues to make great progress with all of her horses and looks forward to their continued progress and success at upcoming shows. She also recognizes that without the continual support of her family, especially her parents Janelle and Dave Schaefer, her life would be completely different today. Emma is very thankful for the opportunity to have been a Youth Representative this past year, “It's been such a rush, I’ve loved every second of it.” She wants to wish all of her fellow competitors success and good health this show season, because who doesn’t want that.

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