ABRA Membership

All members, while in good standing, shall have equal rights, interests, and responsibilities concerning the Association and its property; shall have the right to vote, in person or by proxy, in all membership meetings and to hold office and committee assignments except as otherwise limited.


Memberships must be in the exact name in which you intend to register horses. ABRA accepts US Funds only.

A youth membership is designated for members under age 19.


Horses exhibited by a youth must be owned by the exhibitor or someone directly related, except in the case of a leased horse.


All youth must hold a current ABRA Youth Membership Card to exhibit in ABRA approved Youth classes.


This membership does not include voting privilege.

Individual membership is for exhibitors who are going to show in the ABRA open classes, ABRA Judges, or persons whose primary interaction with the Association is for registrations, transfers, etc.


Issued to one (1) person and carried in that person’s legal name only.

A person is considered an Amateur Exhibitor by the American Buckskin Registry Association when he or she is no longer eligible to show in ABRA Youth classes, and who has not shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, either directly or indirectly, nor received compensation for instructing another person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse in competition for the previous five (5) years. 


Any approved horse show judge is ineligible. Premium money is not to be considered remuneration, but payment of entry fees, expenses, etc., by any person other than the contestant, or the contestant’s father, mother, sister, brother, grandparent, legal guardian or spouse, shall be considered remuneration.


An Amateur cannot hold membership accreditation in a professional association for those events or classes which are the same events or classes the individual competes or desires to compete, in ABRA amateur competition. For example, a person who competes in a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association roping event, may not compete in Amateur calf roping or dally team roping (heading or heeling), or steer stopping, but may show in any other amateur classes. A permit holder is not considered as one who has membership accreditation in any ABRA amateur class.


Every rider competing in an Amateur Class must possess a current Amateur card issued by the American Buckskin Registry Association.

Show management must inspect this card at any show entered.

Application for an Amateur card shall be made on a form provided by the Association. 

Amateur Upgrade is available for Individual, Joint or Partnership Members who have a current membership but wish to upgrade to Amateur Status and receive an amateur card to compete in ABRA Amateur Classes.

Issued to a Ranch, Farm, Corporation, etc. No individual privileges are included in this membership. Authorized one (1) vote only and the individual with voting status for this membership to be on file with the Association.

Issued to two or more individuals, who must be in good standing with the Association.


Authorized one (1) vote only and the individual with voting status for this membership to be on file with the Association.


No individual privileges (such as showing or judging) are included in this membership.

Issued in two (2) names of a husband and wife, mother and daughter or son; father and daughter or son 18 years and under.


In the event the surnames are not the same, documentation designating status shall be furnished to the Association with the application. 

Lifetime membership is for one (1) person under the Individual Membership status for the life of the member.


If you would like to have a life membership, but want to exhibit in the amateur division, you may obtain a general life membership and upgrade it to amateur status either every one (1), three (3) or five (5) years. Amateur upgrades are $20 for one year or $55 for three years. If you have purchased a general membership but need an amateur card, an upgrade will work for you as well. An upgrade can be submitted at a show (an extra $5 charge is applied to the upgrade cost). The amateur application, completed and signed, is required with the fee.

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