ABRA Amateur Leasing

Amateur Lease Rules

The ABRA office must receive Exhibition Lease Applications at least 30 days prior to showing.


Lessee MUST present their Lease Acknowledgement to the show office with entry form.



ABRA will reduce the 30-day waiting period to 15 days when accompanied by a rush fee, providing the lessee can show proof the equine is currently under lease with an ABRA recognized breed association. This application must be filed in the ABRA office at least 30 days prior to showing the equine in ABRA amateur classes.


  • The lease will expire December 31st of the applicable show year.


  • An official ABRA embossed Amateur Exhibition Lease acknowledgment will be sent to the named amateur. This acknowledgment should be presented to show management with the copy of the equine's registration papers, a copy of the last recorded owner's current ABRA membership card, and the current ABRA amateur membership card, whenever making entries in ABRA amateur classes, and the owner of the equine must be listed on the show entry form as the last recorded owner on the registration papers.


  • The term of the exhibition lease must be for a minimum thirty (30) day period and will expire on December 31st of that year.


  • Only one (1) exhibition lease per equine will be recognized.


  • An exhibition lease does not grant a lessee or lessee's agent authorization to sign breeder's certificate(s), stallion breeding reports, transfers, or registration applications for the equine.


  • The lessee must be responsible for expenses associated with the care of the equine: boarding, feeding, routine farrier services, and routine veterinary services.


  • During the term of the exhibition lease, only the lessee and lessee's immediate family (spouse, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter) may show the equine.


  • The lessee's trainer may also show the equine during the term, but only in open division events.


  • The recorded owner of the equine may also show the equine during the lease term, but only in classes other than those in which the amateur is exhibiting the equine

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